RabbitHole allows you to connect your rcp-server to your rcp-client over the internet.

What happens to the data i send?

RabbitHole only relays data from your rcp-server to connected rcp-clients and vice versa. It does not store any data going through it.

What is RabbitControl?

RabbitControl is a protocol tailored for remote controlling your application. It specifies datatypes and ui elements and allows easy access to exposed parameters. You find more information here: http://rabbitcontrol.cc and here: https://github.com/rabbitControl/RCP

When do i need Rabbithole?

You can use RabbitHole to control your remote application over the internet. This may be handy if you need to monitor your application or you need to set some parameters while not on premise.

Public Rabbithole Tunnels

Public tunnels are limited in bandwidth and amount of connections: packages > 10 kB are dropped and a total of 50 active client-connections are allowed.
Public tunnels close after a certain idle-time, they are intended for testing or a quick tryout.
Be aware that using common tunnel names may allow unwanted access to your parameters. It is best to use a unique name.
If you need a stable tunnel please sign up - private tunnels have no limitations.