Privacy Policy

Rabbithole uses data provided by users only for running the service(s) rabbithole offers. The email address is only used for the purpose of logging in and maintaining a user-profile on This email address is used to inform the user about account creation (double opt-in), deletion, password reset and account information changes. Any data related to user profiles is used only for the purpose of running the service(s) rabbithole offers.

Running the servivec(s) rabbithole offers include creating and managing "projects" for the purpose of remote controlling applications connected to rabbithole.

No data sent to rabbithole is stored except in the case of saving presets for a project. Saving presets stores a set of rcp-values related to a project for the purpose of being retrieved later.

Rabbithole will not give away any user-data to any 3rd party.

Registered users have the right to delete their account at any moment in which case all connected data will be deleted as well.

The email address connected to a user-profile is only used to contact the user for the purpose of news and updates about rabbithole and its service(s) and advertising the same if the user explicitly accepts this by checking the "Newsletter" checkmark when registering for a new account. The newsletter setting can be changed in the account settings of the user account.